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Rental Dwelling Insurance Michigan


Michigan residents become property managers for a wide variety of reasons. Our organization deals with real estate investors and landlords who reached a conscious decision to make investments in rental houses and also individuals who just kind of fell into it unintentionally. The tough economy that started several years back triggered declining house prices and endless prospects for real estate investing. As a result the quantity of land lords has considerably accelerated.

In addition to owning an insurance agency our founders are real estate investors as well. We discovered years ago that there's a strong need for Michigan rental dwelling insurance, but few insurance agencies that will help. Real estate investors encounter unique challenges on a regular basis and it's important that you partner with a experienced insurance agency that understands this niche. Owning a rental dwelling can lead to riches or to financial ruin. As an investor it's your job to reduce your risks and maximize and your opportunity for financial gain. The most effective way to reduce your risks and prepare for the unexpected is to buy rental dwelling insurance Michigan.

Michigan Rental Dwelling Insurance - What's Covered?

Michigan rental dwelling insurance plans can be designed to fulfill your specific needs. This list is not comprehensive and we always recommend talking to a licensed agent before purchasing a policy.

1) Property Damage: This will provide coverage for your property as well as any detached structures like a detached garage or a shed

2) Loss of revenue: In cases where you have damage to your rental dwelling causing it to be uninhabitable, your policy helps reimburse you for the rental income you are losing during the repairs

3) Liability Insurance coverage: We find that quite a few landlords overlook this essential coverage. Liability protection covers you and your assets in the event that you are sued. (Ex. Someone trips and falls on your property and is hurt)

Who Should Buy Rental Dwelling Insurance?

The quick and easy answer to that question is anybody that is the owner of a home that they rent out to others. We find that many first time landlords are unaware that a homeowners insurance policy won't provide coverage to homes rented to others. In fact, most carriers will cancel your home insurance on the spot if they find out that it is rented. To properly protect your investment you must purchase rental dwelling insurance Michigan!

Where Can I Purchase Michigan Rental Dwelling Insurance?

Thank you for asking! We always advise working with an independent insurance agency that represents numerous top-rated insurance companies. Fortunately for you, you found us! If you are ready for a 100 % free, no-obligation quote you can give us a call or begin your quote right here on this website. Our highly trained agents will take the time to find you a policy which fits your needs and your budget.
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